New products for your needs

Molecor is continously searching for the new needs of the market for pressure water conduction in order to provide real and efficient solutions, thus improving current available solutions.

Molecor offers the widest range of pressures

Prior to the emergence of the Molecor Technology, the existing manufacturing processes always encountered difficulties in producing pipes of large diameter and high pressure. Molecor with its exclusive technology has improved the process and has made it possible to produce PN25 pipes in all its range of product. Molecor places at its clients’ disposal the full range of PN20 product, so as to adjust each project to the real needs for pressure, conforming as well the budged to invest.

Molecor, pioneer in the manufacturing of large diameters

The technology developed by Molecor is able to manufacture pipes in nominal diameters up tp 1200 mm, 48", so far none existing in the global PVC-O pipe market.

Thus, the PVC-O joins the list of the materials prone to be used when undertaking projects of large diameters. The advantages of this material, its lower cost (both raw material and installation cost), and its better performance makes of it the best option for the execution of this type of projects.

In addition, Molecor has developed the technology to manufacture PVC-O fittings with which the company provides a complete solution for water pipelines 100% in PVC-O used for the transport of water under pressure.

ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings, unique all around the world

In order to strengthen the TOM® PVC-O pipes and consolidate the leading position in the Molecular Orientation sector in terms of innovation and development, Molecor has developed fittings in PVC-O, creating an integrated system for the conveyance of water under pressure.