Maximum efficiency and waterproof system

SANECOR® corrugated PVC sewage system is the solution of maximum efficiency for sewage systems  used in urban sewer systems, rainwater collectors, interceptor collectors, emissaries, drains and, in general, pipes for transporting water and other liquids by gravity (industrial pipes, replacement of irrigation ditches, etc), and in general, applications related to sanitation and waste water.

Main advantages


Completely sealed sewage system


Very high rigidity values to withstand external loads

Hydraulic capacity

Large interior diameters that guarantee optimum flow rates

Long life cycle

Made to last over 50 years


More than 30 years of experience (55.000 km pipes installed)

Wide range

Pipes, fittings and manholes


UNE-EN 13476 Certification


100% recyclable material

  • PVC pipes with structured double layer wall, smooth inside and corrugated outside: nominal diameters (in mm) ND 160 – ND 1200, in 6 and 3 m lengths. Nominal rigidity SN8 (≥8 kN/m2).
  • Special PVC parts for the entire range of diameters: sleeves, elbows, branches, extensions and covers. SN8 corrugated parts in 630 ND to 1200 ND.
  • Connections using elastomer clips for the entire range of diameters, mechanical clips with elastic seal (160 ND and 200 ND in 315 collectors), and junctions stuck at 45º and 90º for collectors of up to 500 ND. Drilling cutters for 60, 200 and 250 ND are also included.
  • Prefabricated inspection manholes with ready-installed rungs in diameters 800, 1000 and 1200, and depths of up to 9 meters. Connectivity to the manifold can be made by direct connections to the body of the manhole, by means of a base that can be fitted to the key of the manifold, either straight or with a change of direction, and by means of connecting pieces with full bore. Manholes and inspection wells in 600 y 800 diameters are also included.
  • It is also possible to manufacture a wide range of customized traps and manholes for multiple applications: sample connections, grease separators, siphon traps, manholes, etc.

Products of this family

  • SANECOR® SN8 corrugated PVC double wall pipe
  • Plain elbow 87,5º
  • Corrugated elbow 87,5º
  • Plain elbow 45º
  • Corrugated elbow 45º
  • Corrugated elbow 30º
  • Locked single socket
  • Plain single socket
  • Corrugated single socket
  • Locked corrugated single socket
  • Plain end cap
  • Ring seal for corrugated pipes

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