The TOM® pipe is the one that provides the greatest performance in meters / hour installation compared to other solutions. This is due to:

  • Its lightness and ductility able to shorten the installation speed which impossible with other pipe types.
  • The installation activity is easy and efficient.

The TOM® pipe is lighter and easier to handle than other pipe materials: it weighs less than the half of PVC and PE pipes, and between six and twelve times less per linear meter than cast iron pipes of an equivalent nominal outside diameter.

Installation costs

Data for DN 200-250 mm

Its lightness allows the handling and installation without mechanical aids such as cranes, being able to be manually installed the pipes up to DN250 mm. In this way, both labor and heavy machinery usage are reduced, thereby, directly reducing the installation costs.

Besides this, the ease connection of the pipe and its adaptability to the ground line due to the ductility of the pipe also influence in this higher installation performance.

 Costes de instalacion