The application of our knowledge in the field of molecular orientation together with the support of the European Union have allowed the development of a cutting-edge technology capable of manufacturing ecoFITTOM®, a product manufactured 100% in Europe.

This project has been funding from the European Union through the Horizon 2020 research and development program. This program integrates all phases of the development process, from the generation of knowledge to the activities closest to the market such as market research and study, the development of different technologies, the implementation of demonstration projects, the implementation of manufacturing pilot lines, support for the normalization process, etc.

Among the objectives pursued by the Horizon 2020 program we find: to develop a science of excellence that will strengthen the position of the European Union in the scientific and industrial field, in addition to developing technologies and applications to improve the European competitiveness. In this area, the program allocates important investments in new key technologies for the industrial sector.

Horizon 2020 is the most ambitious research and innovation program developed by the European Union. Within this frame, Molecor participates with ecoFITTOM®, a project with which the company has developed an industrial system for the manufacture of Oriented PVC fittings, a unique product worldwide with which the company offers an alternative to the fittings manufactured in other materials.

Energy used in the manufacturing process of ecoFITTOM® is applied to the fitting by a specific air distribution that allows the optimization of the resources, since it uses the lowest amount of energy possible obtaining the maximum performance.

In addition to this, the system allows the use of reprocessed material in the manufacturing of the PVC-O fittings ecoFITTOM® which are subjected to exhaustive quality tests once the production process is finished.

The ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings, manufactured in PN16 bar, present excellent improvements in the mechanical properties of PVC-O. These improvements allow to manufacture ecoFITTOM® consuming less raw material, contrary to what happens with fittings made of other materials with the same working and pressure requirements.            

In this way, ecoFITTOM® becomes one of the most efficient and sustaibable products, sutainable and with a higher lifecycle in the field of the fittings applied for the conveyance of water under pressure.

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ecoFITTOM PVC-O fittings