Currently, ecoFITTOM® are manufactured in DN110, DN160, DN200, DN250, DN315 and DN400 in PN16 bar. The available range of products will be progressively widened until covering all the market demands.

11.25˚ Socketed bend

ecoFITTOM 11,25 bend

22.5˚ Socketed bend

22,5⁰ PN16 bar ecoFITTOM bend

45˚ Socketed bend

45⁰ PN16 bar ecoFITTOM bend

90˚ Socketed bend

90˚ Socketed bend

Socketed reducer

PN16 bar ecoFITTOM reducer


PN16 bar ecoFITTOM coupler

Sliding coupler

PN16 bar ecoFITTOM sliding coupler

* Available under request