One of the pillars that guides the activity of Molecor is its commitment to the environment, on the basis of which the company has developed a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing system.

The commitment of Molecor to the environment in the ecoFITTOM® PVC-O fittings manufacturing process is based on the following principles:

Sustainability: PVC-O contributes to the environment preservation considering aspects such as energy savings and sustainable usage of natural resources. More than 50% of the PVC resin is made of chlorine, derivative of the common salt, fact that contributes significantly to the non-renewable resources savings such as oil or gas.

Lower necessity of raw material: the Molecular Orientation process patented by Molecor allows manufacturing using a lower quantity of raw material and offering the best mechanical performance, but with a significant reduction of the final product weigh in comparison with other solutions: 50% reduction in comparison with other plastic solutions and more than 80% compared to metallic elements.

ecoFITTOM® is then more efficient in term of raw materials consumption and consequently in weigh, thus facilitating their manipulation and installation.

Product Environmental Footprint: the best known environmental parameter is the Carbon Footprint.

The systems formed by TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings have the ecological “Environmental Footprint” label granted by the Sustainable Life Foundation. These systems produce the lowest CO2 emissions during their life cycle: raw material extraction, raw material processing, pipe systems production, transport and installation of the product, use and recycling of the product. The manufacturing of PVC-O results in a 33% reduction of CO2 emissions in comparison with the ductile solutions emissions.

ecoFITTOM® has been designed following the latest tendency in environmental matters defined according to the 179/2013/EC, the last recommendation of the European Comission for the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). This recommendation is a multi-criteria measure of the environmental behavior of a good or service throughout its life cycle which aim is to reduce the environmental impact.

PVC is a chemically inert material, immune to corrosion and to attacks from micro-organisms. Consequently the water quality remains always unaltered so that it is suitable for the human consumption without arising migration or oxidation problems as it can happen with other materials.

Durable and 100% recyclable: the PVC-O with which the ecoFITTOM® fittings and the TOM® pipes are manufactured can be reused, not only for the manufacturing of new fittings or pipes, but also for manufacturing urban furniture, wiring elements, profiles, etc.