PVC-O excellent mechanical properties provide the ecoFITTOM® fittings and the TOM® pipes with a significantly higher flow section than that of the fittings and pipes made of alternative materials with the same mechanical requirements. This higher flow section is achieved since the petrol consumption needed to manufacture PVC-O is lower thanks to the excellent characteristics of the material.

In the same way, the energy consumption needed in the manufacturing process developed by Molecor is lower than the required by other manufacturing systems.

In addition to this, PVC-O pipes and PVC-O fittings do not require any type of external or internal protection or coating against corrosion, unlike metallic fittings. Consequently, their manufacturing costs are lower.

Furthermore, no heavy machinery is required for their installation. Thanks to their lightness and easy handling, given by their excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, the ecoFITTOM® fittings can be installed manually up to DN315 mm (12”), something that contributes to reduce the installation costs and times considerably.