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Companies Registry Particulars, Volume 22.846, Book 0, Sheet 21, Section 8, Page M-409037, Entry 1 This website has been created by MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA S.L, from hereon refferred to as MOLECOR, as an information service and for personal use. This section includes information about the conditions for accessing and using this Website, which must be known by users. Information required for the effects foreseen in Act 34/2002 on Information Society and E-Commerce Services.

I.- Access conditions and General Conditions acceptance

Use of the MOLECOR website is regulated by the General Conditions set forth below. All those who use the MOLECOR website are considered as users of the MOLECOR  website, and this implies the full and unconditional acceptance by users of all the General Conditions published at the time of access by those users. Users are therefore advised to carefully read the content of the General Conditions each time they use the Website.
Rejection and withdrawal of access to the Website and/or services
MOLECOR reserves the right to reject or withdraw access to its Website at any time and without having to give notice from any user who breaches these General Conditions or the specific conditions that may apply.

II.- Website use and contents obligations

The entire content of this Website is provided merely for informative purposes, and in no case may it be used as a basis for making complaints or appeals, or constitute a source of rights. MOLECOR reserves the right to change the contents of the Website without notice. Users agree to make a correct use the Website and of its contents in accordance with the law, this legal document and the warnings issued to them. Users agree to use the Website and its contents only for licit purposes and for no illegal purpose that could contravene the law and/or be harmful to the legitimate rights of MOLECOR or any third parties, and/or cause harm or damage, either directly or indirectly.
To that end, users will refrain from using any of the Website contents for any illicit ends or purposes that are prohibited in this Legal Document or could harm the rights and interests of others or in any way, harm or prevent the normal use of the Website or render it useless, overload it or damage it.
In particular, and as an example, without limitation, users agree not to transmit, diffuse or make available information, data, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software to any third parties, and in general, any kind of material which:
is in any way contrary to, harms or damages the fundamental rights and liberties constitutionally admitted by international agreements and in all other legislation;
induces, incites or encourages criminal, slanderous, wounding, libellous, violent acts or which are generally contrary to the law, ethics and generally-accepted best practices or public law and order;
induces, incites or encourages discriminatory activities, attitudes or thoughts based on gender, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition;
incorporates, offers or allows access to products, elements, messages and/or services which are criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading or in general, contrary to the law, ethics, and generally-accepted best practices or public law and order;
is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous, so that it leads or may lead to error about its objective, or about the intentions or purposes of the party communicating it;
is protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to others, without the user first having obtained permission from its owners to use it for any intended purpose;
infringes the trade secrets of others;
is contrary to the right of honour, personal and family privacy or personal image;
in any way, damages the credit of MOLECOR;
infringes the regulations regarding secrecy in communications;
could be considered as illicit, deceitful or disloyal advertising, and in general, unfair competition;
contains viruses or other physical or electronic elements that could damage or prevent the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of MOLECOR or of any third parties, or which could damage electronic documents and files stored in that computer equipment;
causes difficulties in the normal operation of the Service, as a result of its characteristics (e.g., format, extension, etc.).
Users will refrain from:
reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to or in any way, publicly notify, transform or change the Contents, unless it has the permission of the owner of the respective rights or if this is legally permitted;
suppress, handle or in any way, alter the "copyright" and other data identifying the reserving of rights of MOLECOR;
try to obtain the Contents using means or procedures other than those which, depending on the case, have been made available for this purpose, or which have been indicated to that effect in the Website in which the Contents are housed or in general, those that are normally used on the Internet for that purpose, providing they do not pose a risk of damaging the Website, Services and/or Contents or rendering them useless.
User will respond for any damages and harm suffered directly or indirectly by MOLECOR as a consequence of failing to comply with any of the obligations set forth in the general conditions or the law, in connection with using the Website.

III.- Intellectual property

All the contents of MOLECOR  are protected by intellectual property rights pursuant to the current legislation on national and international Intellectual Property. It is strictly forbidden to use the content of our Website without the written permission of MOLECOR.
It is prohibited to establish this website as a frame for others, but it is permitted to establish links to our Internet address (Website url address) provided they are not related to false, untruthful or incorrect statements that could lead to error or confusion, or which are contrary to the law, ethics or best practices.
Users may download the Website page in their terminals (and the available catalogues) providing they are for private and non-commercial use. For this reason, they may not use, reproduce, distribute, change, publicly communicate, assign, transform or use the Website contents for public or commercial purposes.
The infringement of any of the above rights may constitute an infringement of these provisions, and a crime that is punishable in accordance with articles 270 and following of the Criminal Code.
All trademarks, logos and any other industrial property elements appearing in this website are the property of MOLECOR. It is forbidden to use these trademarks without the prior written consent of MOLECOR  or of the third parties owning those trademarks.

IV.- Duration of service

MOLECOR is unable to guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of its Website. Whenever reasonably possible, MOLECOR will warn in advance of any interruptions in the operation of its website; neither is MOLECOR  able to guarantee the use of its Website for performing any other specific activity, or that it is infallible. Access to the MOLECOR website has an indefinite duration; however, the company reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice to users who, in its opinion, are in breach of the conditions of use of its Website and take the opportune legal actions. Moreover, MOLECOR reserves the right to restrict access to certain sections of the Website to the public in general, limiting it onto to determined users or groups of users through giving them an access password, for which they will be held responsible.

VI.- Declining of responsibility

MOLECOR TECNOLOGIA, S.L. makes every effort to prevent errors in the contents of its Website, but cannot guarantee and declines responsibility for errors that may occur in the Website contents. MOLECOR  declines any responsibility for damages and losses of any kind that could arise from:
Interruptions in operation or lack of availability in accessing the website.
The privacy and safety of the User in accessing the website, and/or access by any unauthorised third parties.
The transmission of elements that have a negative effect on computer systems.
The accuracy, exhaustiveness and prompt updating of the contents of its Website.
In consequence, MOLECOR does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its Website or the contents thereof, for which reason use of those contents by users is made at their own risk and venture, without it being possible to hold MOLECOR responsible in any way, in this respect. MOLECOR will not be held responsible in the event of interruptions in service, delays, errors, malfunctions thereof and in general, any other problems whose origin lies in causes beyond the control of the company, and/or due to wilful or negligent actions by Users and/or due to Force Majeure events. In all cases, whatever the cause, MOLECOR  will not assume any responsibility for direct or indirect damages, emerging damages and/or loss of business. MOLECOR will be entitled to temporarily suspend the services and contents of the website to perform maintenance operations, improvements or repairs in those services or contents without the users being able to claim any compensation for these concepts. MOLECOR declines all responsibility for damages and losses of any kina that could be due to lack of truthfulness, accuracy, exhaustiveness and/or updating of contents transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available or received, obtained or any that have been accessed through the Website or any contents provided by other persons or entities. MOLECOR will make every effort to update and correct the information housed in its Website that does not meet the minimum requirements in respect of veracity. However, it will not be held responsible for non-updating or correction and for the contents and information dumped in the Website. MOLECOR declines responsibility for any use made by users of the services and products of its Website or passwords and any other Website material that infringes intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third-party rights. MOLECOR reserves the right to remove any contents that are untruthful, inexact and contrary to the law, ethics, public law and order and best practices.

VII.- Legislation and jurisdiction

The provision of the service is governed by Spanish law, and the courts of the city of Madrid are competent, to which the User expressly submits.