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The gutter system is used for the evacuation of rainwater from buildings and it has been designed and manufactured to offer maximum efficiency and design in projects.

Molecor gutter range consists of accessories with different options, geometries and colours, providing efficient and reliable solutions for rainwater drainage. Our drainage system provides maximum safety and fire protection compared to other uncertified pipes. Its design and variety preserves the aesthetics of all facades.

Main advantages


Variety of designs and colours for every building style


Optimal hydraulic capacity


Maximum resistance against heat shock and UV radiation

UV protection

Long life and long colour maintenance


100% recyclable material

  • Plunia gutter
  • Double volute circular gutter
  • Single volute circular gutter
  • Trapezoidal gutter


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Discover our Plunia gutter

Molecor has developed the new line of Plunia gutters. With an innovative design in both its technical and design aspects, this new collection is in line with the style of current constructions.


  • Semi-circular interior shape for better hydraulic capacity and higher flow rate, thus promoting the cleanliness of the installation.
  • Straight front shape that increases the opening and promotes water recovery avoiding overflows.
  • Accessories with a new clip closure system, which increases the safety of the gutter connection accessories and waterproofing even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The design of the gutter bottoms enhances the aesthetics of the entire facade.
  • The invisible top hook promotes the linear appearance of the whole and facilitates the installation of the profile.
  • UV protection, guaranteeing a long life and colour retention.
  • Available in white, brown or copper.

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