TOM®: The best choice for the conveyance of water under pressure

TOM® PVC-O pipes are a product developed exclusively with the Molecor innovative technology that provides the highest Molecular Orientation. The manufacturing process is continuous and completely automatic, which ensures the maximum product reliability and a quality control tube to tube for the 100% of the production.

TOM® is the best solution for the conveyance of water at medium and high pressure for irrigation systems, drinking water supply, reuse, industrial or fire protection lines, among other uses. The extraordinary technical advances of the manufacturing system of Molecor confer the TOM® Oriented PVC pipe significant improvements.

Further information and details about TOM® PVC-O pipe, please have a look to our catalogue and technical brochure.

Technical characteristics

Hydraulic capacity

Between 15% and 40% higher

Hydrostatic resistance

Class 500, service life of more than 100 years

Water hammer resistance

Exceptional support for network openings and closings

Impact resistance

No crack propagation


Withstands large deformations of the inner diameter


Socket manufactured in the same process as the tube

Chemical resistance

No need for special protection or coating

Main advantages
  • Cost efficiency. Manual handling up to DN350 mm
  • Natural resources usage optimization. Optimization of the use of natural resources and 100% recyclable
  • Energy efficiency. Lower energy consumption throughout the life cycle
Product range
  • PVC-O pipe diameters: from DN90 mm to DN1200 mm
  • PVC-O pipe pressures: from PN12.5 bar to PN25 bar
  • Molecular Orientation Class: 500

Pipes are supplied in total length of 6.00 meters (including the socket length). 5.95 meters for expo purposes and other length upon request.

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