The socket’s purpose is the union between pipes ensuring leak tightness and enabling a quick and easy installation on site. Sockets have to be designed so as to provide mechanical resistance.

Molecor has researched all aspects surrounding the correct way of working of a rubber ring socket union, in order to design the best system for a PVC-O pipe. The mechanical and geometrical parameters of a socket are usually considered. However, the aspects related to the orientation process, commonly underestimated, are the real issue for a proper PVC-O pipe equipment design.

Socket design improvements

Molecor has enhanced the classical socket shape to give it extra security with an extra large depth of engagement to enable a safer installation. Molecor special design includes an open lip with a bell shape that improves the pipe’s assembly process. Furthermore, Molecor provides local orientation to reinforce the stress concentration areas.

The Molecor technology ensures the tightness of the pipes incorporating into the orientation process the formation of the socket, to ensure the highest quality and offering various socketing systems: Integrated Socket System and ISS+.

Molecor Integrated Socket System