Long lasting designs

Waste boxes (disposal of household waste water and rainwater – multi-connection-, inspection points for drainage systems and telecommunication cable conduits), channels (accesses to pedestrianised areas, gardens, terraces, patios, garages, gyms, saunas, swimming pools, retail spaces, sports facilities, etc.), gullies and floor drains (outdoor water disposal: terraces, patios, balconies, flat roofs, solariums, sports facilities, etc., and indoors: shower trays, bathrooms, garages, etc.).

Main advantages


Innovation and wide range

Mechanical strength

No extra protection needed


Service life of over 50 years

Sealed systems

For indoors and outdoors


100% recyclable material

  • Waste boxes measuring 20×20, 30×30, 40×40 and 55×55 cm with their fittings
  • 130mm and 200mm wide drainage channels for plastic and metal grids
  • Gullies and floor drains with horizontal and/or vertical outlets


v1 evac suelos


New range of waste boxes

  • Recent design with a three-pitch interior gradient to enhance disposal and with inlets at different heights.
  • DN50 inlet located high up on three sides (30×30 and 40×40 waste box models) for connecting Molecor drainage systems channels.
  • Housings in the waste box body for screwing and fixing the end caps with seals.
  • Elbow used for siphoning in square waste boxes: cheaper and more effective.
  • Waste box end cap pre-marked for downpipe inlets.

Floor drains and gullies

  • All floor drains and gullies work on a siphon principle and their grids include a stainless steel fixing screw.


v2 evac suelos



v3 evac suelos


Discover our drainage channels

  • Manufactured in PVC They can be cut and joined among themselves and with the fittings using adhesive: no leak guarantee.
  • Wide range of channels that includes: low-height, standard and high-strength.
  • Compatibility with PVC piping and fittings for perfectly sealed joints.
  • The 1m high strength PVC channels can be made to form cross pieces, junctions and 90º angles without the need for fittings.
  • Certified strength classification: A-15 in type I (PP, galvanised steel and stainless steel grid), B-125 and C-250 in type M (cast iron grid).
  • A-15 channels (Type I) do not need additional support to withstand loads.

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