At Molecor, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on both the planet and its people. Our commitment to social responsibility drives us to actively engage in various initiatives aimed at supporting underprivileged communities and addressing pressing social issues.

Collaborations and Initiatives

1. Partnering with NGOs We collaborate with NGOs such as UNHCR to provide more than just financial support. These partnerships allow us to raise awareness within our organization and highlight the needs of disadvantaged individuals, particularly refugees who have been displaced and require special attention.

2. Emergency Response Efforts In response to the war in Ukraine, we have been actively involved in UNHCR's "Emergency Ukraine" campaign for over two years, contributing to providing shelter, food, and medical assistance to affected families.

3. Disaster Relief Following the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey last year, we donated PVC-O pipes to help reconstruct the region's water supply networks. This effort is part of our mission to "Improve the quality of life by providing affordable water within reach."

4. Supporting Madagascar Our partnership with the NGO Agua Pura in Madagascar has led to the construction of two water wells, addressing the severe drought and subsequent famine on the island. The wells provide vital water for health improvement and crop development.

5. Ongoing Projects Currently, we are working with UNHCR to donate pipes for a water supply network in a refugee camp in Sudan. Despite the challenges posed by war and instability, we remain committed to bringing clean water to the camp's residents and enhancing their quality of life.

Long-Term Commitment

We understand that humanitarian crises can be prolonged, necessitating sustained support. Our long-term partnerships are crucial in continuously aiding refugees and vulnerable populations. By aligning with goals such as SDG 17, SDG 10, and SDG 1, we strive to reduce inequalities and end poverty, ensuring that our efforts have a lasting impact on improving the lives of the underprivileged.


World Refugee Day