We are proud to announce that Molecor SEA has received two MyHIJAU certifications, Malaysia's mark of green excellence for TOM®and ecoFITTOM®ranges. This significant milestone not only highlights the dedication to sustainable development but also eco-friendly business operations.

MyHIJAU is Malaysia’s official green labelling scheme endorsed by the government of Malaysia, bringing together certified green products and services that meet local and international environmental standards under one single mark. Denoting compliance with global environmental standards, the MyHIJAU Mark is a consolidation of regional and international green certifications. This is a simple and clear way for consumers to distinguish genuine green products and services through the usage of a single, trusted logo, called the MyHIJAU Mark reference.

TOM® and ecoFITTOM® PVC-O products have been recognized with the MyHIJAU label due to the different characteristics that make them more sustainable than other alternatives. They are less dependent on petroleum than other polymers (only 43% of their composition, the rest comes from common salt), they have a very long useful life, they are 100% recyclable and depending on their function it is not necessary to use heavy metals as stabilizers.

What this means for our consumers:

  • Assurance of Green Products: Molecor SEA’s products meet the highest environmental standards, ensuring you make eco-conscious choices.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: This certification reinforces the commitment to reducing environmental impact across all areas of our business and creating a better plastic industry.
  • A Greener Future Together: By choosing Molecor, you're supporting a movement towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We couldn't be prouder to take this step forward in our green journey. A big thank you to our team for their hard work and to you, our community, for your ongoing support. Let's continue to make positive impacts, together, we're making a difference. 🌍💚

TOM PVC-O pipes MyHijau Certificate

ecoFITTOM PVC-O fittings MyHijau Certificate