The new advance to the efficiency management of  water is geoTOM®

The new mobile application developed by Molecor keeps growing since its launching through the main mobile platforms last October. The success of this tool is preceded by the need of increasing the efficiency in the manaement of the water networks.

In an uncertain situation like the one we are living, where the extreme natural events increase its periodicity and the available water is reduced, a tool like geoTOM® is more and more necessary to take advantage of our hydric resources.

geoTOM® allows installers geoposition in an easy way the pieces of the network which is being buildt thanks to the GPS coordinates, achieving a complete traceability of the product thanks to the new QR codes printed on the TOM® and ecoFITTOM® surface.

Part of its success is due to the compatibility it offers with any pipe or fitting, regardless of the material or manufacturer, which allows it to offer a complete use with which it tries to contribute to greater efficiency in water networks.

On the other hand, the use of a technology that is available to everyone, such as smartphones, and the easy access to it, has meant that this application is having a great reception around the world, thus contributing to the achievement of the Objectives of Sustainable Development No. 6 and 9 marked by the UN, with which it is intended to improve the efficiency of available water resources and increase the presence of technology in an industry as important as water transport.

One of the functions that characterizes the latest Molecor innovation is the inclusion of data about the parts and the network in which they are installed. Thanks to geoTOM® we will be able to have all the information of our network compiled in a single file, from the manufacturing center or the applicable regulations to its geographical location and depth of installation.

Another of the factors on which the success of geoTOM® is based has been the easy manageability and the communication in real time that the application offers to the users. This possibility of knowing in real time what the state of the network is allows decisions to be made, reducing intervention times.

geoTOM® is, thanks to its contribution to improving the water efficiency of the networks, one more example of Molecor's commitment to the environment, and its commitment to R+D+i in the water transport sector, one of the bases of the operation of the company.

The new advance to the efficiency management of  water is geoTOM®