Molecor will present a new record in Germany: TOM® PVC-O DN1200 mm pipe will be present at K2022 in Düsseldorf

Fifteen years have passed since Molecor's first participation in the benchmark fair for the plastics sector. Fifteen years in which Molecor has provided numerous innovative solutions to the global water sector that have made it possible to improve the efficiency in the use of water.

In the K2022 we break our own record: TOM® PVC-O pipe DN1200 mm

Molecor will be present from October 19 to 26 in hall 16, stand B17 of the K fair, the most important global fair for plastic materials, where it will present all the technological innovations and new products developed in recent years.

After opening the door to the production of the new PVC-O pipe diameters of DN630 mm, DN800 mm and DN1000 mm, Molecor, in its continuous commitment to Research and Development, presents the largest diameter PVC-O pipe in the world. This pipe, which has a diameter of 1,200 mm, opens up new possibilities in the market to supply population centers and carry out pumping to reservoirs and reservoirs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner as never before. done.

With this new diameter, Molecor continues to be the first company in the world to manufacture PVC-O pipes of this diameter, thus managing to offer the widest range of products on the market to date.

The new pipe, like the rest of TOM® diameters, is manufactured in accordance with the UNE-EN 17176:2019 standard on “Sistemas de canalización en materiales plásticos para suministro de agua, riego, saneamiento y alcantarillado, enterrado o aéreo, con presión. Poli(cloruro de vinilo) no plastificado orientado (PVC-O). Parte 1: Generalidades, Parte 2: Tubos y Parte 5: Aptitud al uso del sistema”, based on European standard EN 17176 “Plastic piping systems for water supply and for buried and above ground drainage, sewerage and irrigation under pressure- Oriented unplasticized poly(vynul chloride) (PVC-O). Part 1: General, Part 2: Pipes and Part 5: Fitness for purpose of the sistem”.

Thanks to this new advance, it will be possible to intelligently manage water resources, until now transported in systems made up of other materials. Now, with the new DN1200, a new step is taken on the path of water efficiency. TOM® pipe shows a series of advantages over traditional materials used in supply networks that make it more sustainable and efficient.

Among these advantages are its greater hydraulic capacity, which allows larger volumes of water to be transported, its extraordinary behavior against water hammer, due to the smoothness of its interior walls, which reduces the pressure drop in water transport, and the complete watertight of the PVC-O system, which drastically reduces the loss of transported water compared to other systems.

Along with this new diameter, Molecor will also present geoTOM®, a new tool that will allow geopositioning all the elements that are part of a network. All products can be geolocated, regardless of the manufacturer. In this way, installation projects are generated and in the case of Molecor products, have complete traceability of the work once it has been closed, and even in real time, among many other options.

We will be in Hall 16, stand B17.

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