Non-Financial Information Statement for 2022

Molecor, in its commitment to transparency, has published its first Sustainability Report, detailing the company's socio-environmental and good governance performance during the year 2022.

In accordance with current legislation in Spain, this Non-Financial Information Statement (NFIS) has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Law 11/2018 on non-financial information and diversity. The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards have been used as a reference for its preparation, and it has also been verified by an independent audit team.

The objective of the NFIS is to provide all stakeholders with a detailed vision of the organisation's impact in the social, environmental and governance spheres, enabling them to review the organisation's sustainable performance and its commitment to responsible and ethical practices.

On the social front, in addition to guaranteeing a safe working environment and stable, quality employment, the launch of the Equality Plan is noteworthy.

At the environmental level, the company's decarbonisation plan has been launched, which will enable it to reduce emissions in the fight against climate change. Among the initiatives undertaken is the increased use of renewable energy, through the implementation of a solar panel installation for self-consumption, and the implementation of different energy efficiency measures in lighting and the modernisation of machinery.  Another initiative that shows our commitment to the environment is the implementation in all manufacturing plants of the Operation Clean Sweep voluntary program which aims to prevent the loss of pellets to the environment, thus assuming our responsibility in this area.

We can't forget the company's commitment to innovation, in which we continue to work actively on the development of new products which, when they are launched on the market, will improve the environmental impact and the circularity of some of our current products.

In terms of Governance, we can highlight the beginning of the implementation of a compliance management system that will be completed in 2023, or the launch of an ESG questionnaire for suppliers, which will allow us to monitor their progress in this area and establish a strategy for the selection and evaluation of our supply chain based on its sustainable performance.

Ignacio Muñoz, CEO of Molecor, said: "Without a doubt, 2022 has been a challenging year, marked by a very important milestone that represents a turning point in the company's trajectory: the integration of Molecor Tecnología and Molecor Canalizaciones, which will allow us to make more global progress in our sustainable performance".

In order to continue advancing in its commitment to sustainability, the company is working on an ESG Strategic Plan that will define the roadmap to continue working in the coming years in favour of sustainability.


Molecor presents its Non-Financial Information Statement for 2022

Molecor presents its Non-Financial Information Statement for 2022