Molecor Forest

On April 22nd we celebrate World Earth Day. A day to remember the importance of caring for and maintaining the planet that gives us life and all the elements that make it up: its varied ecosystems, vast oceans and millions of species of plants and animals that inhabit it. To preserve the Earth and its ecosystems, Molecor has teamed up with Treedom to combat the deforestation of the planet and for this purpose they have created the MOLECOR Forest project.

MOLECOR Forest is a real forest in which 600 trees distributed between Madagascar, Tanzania and Thailand have been planted, and includes species such as mangroves, cedars, mahogany, moringa and sesbania.

Molecor Forest

As part of the integration of the corporate social responsibility culture for all members of the organization, each of the company's employees have received one of these trees to show that each and every member of Molecor participates in this action and how we are all aware of the preservation of the planet. Becoming direct ambassadors of the cause and virtual guardians, since through the MyTreedom space, we will be able to see their photo and geolocation online as well as receive updates on the evolution of the project in which their tree is growing.

The creation of the MOLECOR Forest will not only contribute to protecting biodiversity, but will also help to mitigate climate change, as the trees planted will absorb 227 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere, thereby contributing to shrinking the organisation’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, it will generate enormous benefits for the people who live in it, as NGOs and local communities will be directly involved in the selection of suitable trees and sites for planting by local farmers, who will look after them over the long term – all with the goal of promoting sustainable development and generating a positive impact both on the planet and the persons living in it.

Biodiversity conservation as the cornerstone of Molecor's sustainable future

Molecor has placed biodiversity as a big part of its sustainability strategy, considering it as a key element in achieving a greener and more resilient future. In the coming years, the company will embark on an ambitious plan to protect and restore ecosystems, thus contributing to the fight against climate change and to the well-being of communities.

The creation of a forest in partnership with Treedom represents a fundamental step on this path. This project will not only absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but will also regenerate the soil, purify the air and encourage the development of biodiverse ecosystems. In turn, the initiative will support local economies and improve the quality of life of the populations living in the benefited areas.

This green and sustainable action is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 13 (Climate action) and SDG 15 (Life of terrestrial ecosystems). Molecor, through this commitment, demonstrates its environmental responsibility and its contribution to a more sustainable future for the planet.

Molecor Forest