World Water Forum
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Bali, Indonesia

From May 18 to 25, the 10th World Water Forum will be held in Bali, Indonesia. One of the largest international gathering in the water sector involving participants from all levels and areas, including politics, multilateral institutions, academia, civil society and the private sector, among others to share their knowledges, experiences, and practices regarding a wide range of topics related to water.  

The 10th World Water Forum co-hosted by the Government of Indonesia and World Water Council (WWC) provides a unique platform where the water communities and key decision makers can collaborate and make long-term progress on global water challenges. This year's theme, "Water for Shared Prosperity", emphasizes ensuring everyone has access to this essential resource whenever it's needed. By managing water effectively, we can pave the way for widespread prosperity, a benefit shared by all.

Molecor SEA, working alongside the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), will be showcasing their innovative PVC-O solutions designed to address water industry issues and promote sustainability and efficiency. The Oriented PVC ranges designed by Molecor will be showcased in the stand ND14 in the BNDCC Main Venue and will include TOM®, the widest range of PVC-O pipes in the world (from DN90 to 1200 mm), ecoFITTOM®, the first fittings made entirely in PVC-O and the new TR6® pipes designed specially for low pressure pipelines for irrigation.

During the event, Mr. Walter Philip PATTYNAMA, Chief Executive Officer of Molecor SEA will be presenting “Circular Economy and Sustainable Water Networks” a technical seminar on how PVC-O solutions, such as TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings, can help create better water conveyance infrastructure and reduce their impact on the environment. The conference will take place on May 21, at 09:15, at Stand ND14 in the BNDCC Main Venue.

Sustainability of water resources has become a pressing issue for the world. Global water needs have increased sharply, in line with population and industrial growth. Meanwhile, the availability of quality and sustainable water is increasingly difficult due to environmental degradation and climate change.

This forum aims to unite efforts for better water management practices, promoting integrated and efficient resource use. Indonesia, along with the World Water Council (WWC), is proud to host this important event, and Molecor SEA is honored to be a part of it.

We look forward to seeing you at the 10th World Water Forum, come and visit us!
Stand ND14
See you from May 18th to 25th in Bali!

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