TOM® DN1200 mm PVC-O pipe and the geoTOM® application, new features from Molecor at Smagua 2023

For another year running, Molecor will be attending the International Water and Environment Exhibition (Smagua 2023), this year in its 26th edition, which will take place 7-9 March 2023 in Zaragoza. This event is a must for all professionals in the international market and the leading associations and institutions linked to the water, irrigation and environment industry.

As an exhibitor, Molecor will be involved in the trade fair with a conference on 7 March at 1.30 p.m. in hall 9. With the title “Full solutions in large diameters of PVC-O”, Pablo Peinado, Manager of the Infrastructure Department at Molecor, will be explaining how the current market is showing great interest in molecularly oriented PVC pipes, with these becoming an alternative to traditional solutions, thereby addressing the current need to apply plastic materials as a more efficient option in large pipes for pressurised water, with this being the best technical and economic offering for design of the network.

In addition, Molecor will be displaying its large range of products at its stand, located in Hall 4 – Stand D-E 23-28, with two new features for this edition: the TOM® pipe in PVC-O DN1200 mm and the geoTOM® application

Molecularly oriented PVC TOM® pipes are globally unique: they are manufactured with a genuine air system developed exclusively by Molecor. This molecular orientation system grants them excellent characteristics far superior to other materials and it allows pipes in diameters like DN500 mm, DN630 mm, DN710 mm, DN800 mm, DN1000 mm and, for now, up to DN1200 mm to be manufactured.

In its continued support of research and development, Molecor has gone a step further in terms of water efficiency. The PVC-O  DN 1200 mm pipe is now the largest pipe in the world to be made in this material. This constitutes a new development that can be used to smartly manage water resources that were, until now, transported in systems made of other materials. This new diameter opens up new alternatives to the market for supplying population centres and pumping water to tanks and reservoirs more sustainably and environmentally friendly than ever before.

La tubería TOM® de PVC-O DN1200 mm y la aplicación geoTOM®, novedades de Molecor para SMAGUA 2023

The TOM® pipe offers a series of advantages over traditional materials used in supply networks, making it more sustainable and efficient. These advantages includes its superior hydraulic capacity, allowing this pipe to transport higher volumes of water, its extraordinary performance when faced with water hammer, owing to the smoothness of its internal walls, which reduces the pressure drop when pumping water, and the PVC-O system's full watertightness, drastically reducing the amount of water lost during transport compared with other systems. 

Molecor has once again become the first company in the world to manufacture large-diameter PVC-O pipes. This means it can offer the greatest range of nominal diameters and pressures available on the market at present. 

The Contest for Technological Improvements and Innovations organised by the trade fair at every edition has showcased this new diameter presented by Molecor and awarded it the “Technological Innovation” award. This prize highlights products that stand out due to their technological contribution, innovation and result in terms of market requirements.

Following this vein of technological innovation and new product development, Molecor has also created an application that will revolutionise the global water supply industry: the new tool named geoTOM®.  This app is used to geolocate the products comprising the supply networks in which its pipes and accessories, TOM® and ecoFITTOM®, are installed, thus improving its offerings as a service innovator for all users. The app will facilitate the inclusion of additional information on each part, thereby ensuring full traceability for the product installed. This includes information on the raw material, production centre, batch number, and date and time of manufacture. 

GeoTOM® is the new app with which users can digitise and geolocate any water supply network, improving its efficiency and promoting sustainability. This is an intuitive, comprehensive, very easy-to-use tool through which both companies and individual users can access full technical information in real time on their water projects and transport networks.

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TOM® DN1200 mm PVC-O pipe and the geoTOM® application, new features from Molecor at Smagua 2023

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Come and see us from 7 - 9 March at the Zaragoza Trade Fair
Autovía A - 2, km 311, 50012 - Zaragoza
Hall 4 - Stand D-E 23-28

La tubería TOM® de PVC-O DN1200 mm y la aplicación geoTOM®, novedades de Molecor para SMAGUA 2023